Why Hire a Licensed, Bonded & Insured Professional

We wish this world still ran on handshakes and looking someone in the eye for contracts. However, there are businesses out there that do not hold their integrity and are only in it for themselves. So there are important reasons to hire a licensed, bonded, and insured liquidation professional.

First, since the unlicensed business is usually breaking the law by working without a license, there’s a good chance that they are not complying with other laws, safety guidelines, and the integrity you trust when hiring someone to liquidate your assets. We at Fidelity Liquidations, LLC is fully registered and licensed within the Great State of Arizona.

Second, without a bonded professional, your assets could be sold and the estate may never see the money from the sale. This bonding process insures that the professional will provide you with the service and resulting income that your sale. We at Fidelity Liquidations, LLC is fully bonded by a full-service bonds agency within the Great State of Arizona.

Third, without insurance, you may be held liable for any accidents that occur during the course of your sale. Even with the best disclaimers, people can still sue and this insurance not only protects the professional but your estate. We at Fidelity Liquidations, LLC are fully insured by a major insurance carrier within the Great State of Arizona.

Fidelity Liquidations, LLC
is proudly licensed, bonded, and insured.
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